GAINKids Project

GAINKids: Global Citizenship for Kids addresses global citizenship, diversity, gender equality, non-discrimination and equal opportunities for the early school education sector.

Based on the Convention on the Rights of the Child, GAINkids addresses the complementarity of Provision, Protection and Participation rights.

Aims and Objectives

Considering educators and other professional of early school education, fundamental agents in the construction process for Citizenship and Equal Opportunities, the project aims to:

  • Train and develop professionals’ competences to address the rights of the child and the global citizenship education in the context of the early school education sector;
  • Sensitize families and communities to the importance of the rights of the child, the value and respect for the diversity and the education for the global justice;
  • Develop global citizenship education materials for the early school education sector and involve children in the reflection and production of the project’s development instruments.

Project Description

Gainkids focuses on the following areas of intervention:

  • Pedagogical training – addressed both, to educators and children
  • Professional training – Developing competences of educators and auxiliaries/professionals
  • Early school community – Working with the families and in the community in the early school approaches
  • A transversal programme to develop, train and disseminate the pedagogical toolkit.

The project defines five priority areas:

  1. Global Citizenship, Citizenship and Participation
  2. Social and Family Participation
  3. Gender Equality and Gender Identity
  4. Equal Opportunities for all children
  5. Non Discrimination and Diversity